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Hi, I’m Zai the founder of Step Up Journey and I run a motivational training consultancy HQ based in Singapore, but of course we speak and train globally. 

It’s been an awesome 20 years of entrepreneurship journey and impacting lives. I’m reaching out to you to explore potential opportunities to collaborate and work together to make a greater impact in the space of women, youth and human empowerment, and also for the employee engagement and well-being space.

Check out my 2 Amazon best-selling books I have written.

Step Up Journey 5-Things-I-Love-about-Being-Woman-by-Zai-Miztiq Press Release & Speakers Profile
Step Up Journey Turn-your-Passion-into-Profit-by-Zai-Miztiq Press Release & Speakers Profile

Here’s my brief profile with the suite of courses/topics for your reference and kind perusal. I’m looking forward to speaking to you to learn more about what you do. Meantime, stay blessed and be safe.

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For you to have an overview of Step Up Journey purpose better, we are here to support.

Organizations who are looking for:

  1. Motivational speakers to increase employee engagement at work
  2. Leadership training for the women’s union network 
  3. Exclusive 1-to-1 coaching for team leaders and top management
  4. Activities for staff recreation welfare
  5. Confidence building and conflict management for the team
  6. A fun and interactive workshop to inspire the young employee network
  7. A training consultancy to curate customized learning and development (L&D) programmes
  8. Social impact service provider to support PR & Marketing and CSR initiative

 Individuals who are looking:

  1. To move from feeling helpless, trapped and empty to feeling liberated, optimistic and have a clearer direction in life
  2. To start a business by turning hobby into money
  3. For a coach to help discover their strengths and potential
  4. To write their own book
  5. To gain confidence to speak and have their voice and ideas heard
  6. To be a more resilient confident parent so that they can raise confident compassionate children
  7. For support as a caregiver to balance the mind, body and soul  
  8. To learn henna art as a life-skill that they can earn side-income

Some of Zai’s Media Features

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Step Up Journey ZM-CNA Press Release & Speakers Profile
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Step Up Journey ZM-TNP Press Release & Speakers Profile

We welcome podcast & media interviews

Do drop us an email at hello@stepupjourney to share your interview objective and topics of interest. Here is ‘Zai’s Official Press Release’ for your reference and kind perusal.