5 Things I Love About Being A Woman


Together with thirteen women from different backgrounds, Zai crafted the book with a purpose of helping women identify their identities, gain confidence and life clarity, and be happy.

Four of these women were featured as coauthors, sharing their life journey from a victim of circumstances to a victor of life.

Lily Goon, Humairah Hameed, Adeline Heng, and Najmunnisa binte Abdul Kader shared their journey of mastering self-acceptance and how other women can turn their adversities to victories.

When asked about featuring other women in the book, Zai said, “It is time that the voice of ordinary women with extraordinary stories be heard through an authentic, credible platform”

5 Things I Love About Being a Woman’ serves as an informative guideline and a self-assessment tool for any stage of life. It introduces five aspects of life, consisting of Beauty, Brain, Brawn, Belief and Blessed, injecting the internal and external reality of each attribute.

The book brings about a wholesome, holistic approach to appreciating life at depth. A true testament from a woman who was given little hope of living after a near-fatal accident. Zai Miztiq’s life changed one fateful afternoon 11 years ago when a sleepy taxi driver rammed the cab she was returning home in into the back of a stationary military truck. She miraculously survived a paralysis but not without living for the rest of her life with 8 screws, 2 metal rods inside her and a permanent back pain. Her favourite mantra is “I broke my spine but not my spirit.”

Previously, she recorded her comeback journey in a semi-autobiography styled book titled ‘Turn Your Passion to Profits’. She is also helping other women gain emotional freedom and life success with her Sisterhood Mentorship Programme.


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