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Finding forging your path.

Miztiq’s Formula of T.R.U.T.H. is often used in our approach – Zai coined the 5 Dimensions of Resilience across her talks – building, applying and managing the  physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual competency of every individual.

We encourage people to choose to live a wholesome balanced lifestyle rather than being autopilot zombies on a daily basis, living a life they have to.

The mission is to keep stepping up in every aspect of our lives, be it professional or personal, in order to lead a better quality life.

Begin your #stepupjourney.

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Community Solutions Programme

for your corporate social responsibility initiative

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We provide courses to support your cause.

We work together with organizations with active CSR initiatives or philanthropic goals to best equip your team or those you advocate for such as underprivileged groups or associations (women, youths, families, caregivers, etc.) with knowledge.

By enhancing their mental framework through empowerment, we equip them with life skills that enables them to rid the poverty of pockets as well as the poverty of mindset.

Together we will effectively support individuals and groups in their pursuit to enrich lives, guiding them in step up journey, no matter the level they are at.

Those we've worked with

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What others say about Zai…

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Based on 41 reviews
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Step Up Journey guest Home  Mohamad Faiz Selamat
23:50 01 Apr 24
Having engaged Zai for different audiences (from youths to professionals), she has proven to be a passionate speaker who speaks through her experience and expertise. In one-on-one engagements, her positive disposition and attitude has the ability to invigorate others – to take positive action.
Step Up Journey guest Home  Abigail Saveria
04:39 01 Apr 24
My team invited Zai for a Women’s Leadership Workshop. Her public speaking session was voted as the participants’ most favorite. She engaged and interacted with the audience with an interesting presentation. We loved her session so much, we decided to invite her again. Definitely recommend Zai!
Step Up Journey guest Home  sohfi hamid
23:22 31 Mar 24
It’s rare that you come across an inspirational individual like Zai Miztiq. I was introduced to Ms Zai through an educational workshop. As a motivational speaker, I was in awe of Zai’s ability to command a room and establish a rapport/connection with the audience. We all need role models in our lives and Zai Miztiq is the living testament to a great example of success!
Step Up Journey guest Home  Fahmi Rais
22:06 31 Mar 24
Zai Miztiq is undoubtedly the epitome of transformation in personal branding. She inspires people through her story and her journey is nothing short of a miracle. I have worked on more than 500 personal brands over the last decade and she is definitely ranked in the top 5. She is charismatic, a success magnet and a catalyst for new hope. A class of her own in both substance and form, she is now unstoppable from being an international icon for women empowerment.
Step Up Journey guest Home  Aimen Iqbal
00:22 23 Mar 24
Dear Miss Zai, your book is incredibly inspiring. It made me realize that, like clothes on a chair, we often overlook our own potential. Your journey is both eye-opening and heart-wrenching. Your family must be proud, and you’re empowering women to recognize their worth. ❤️
Step Up Journey guest Home  Katie Wellbrook
03:01 22 Mar 24
Zai spoke to a group of our school students on International Women’s Day. She related so well to the students and inspired them to be change makers. It was a really enjoyable event and the students were over the moon to each receive a copy of her book ☺️
Step Up Journey guest Home  Shaguffta Pattel
06:33 16 Mar 24
Zai walks her talk on inclusivity… which includes all of HumanityHere is me holding the Braille edition of her book ‘Turn Your Passion into Profit’ for the visually impaired.While she speaks of inspiring inclusivity, I’m greatly inspired by the vision of this woman who does it all with so much ease.Her passion towards her vision is evident in the way she is marching towards it one step at a time.One needs a lot of love in the heart to even think of such a thing and Zai embodies it beautifully. I am better for knowing her and am grateful that our paths have crossed.Wishing her the very best in all that she does.
Step Up Journey guest Home  Akshat Bahal
09:28 22 Feb 24
I attended the session, honestly I have changed as a human. Ms. Zai was very interactive, she listened to us, coached us and taught us. The session was about how to develop as an individual and how to express yourself. It develops your personality from within. In 13 years of hospitality experience, this was the best session I had. An individual never fails they LEARN!!! Thank you Ms Zai.
Step Up Journey guest Home  Joey Rendon
08:08 27 Nov 23
I attended Ms. Zai's authentic public speaking workshop, and I'm thrilled to share that she did an amazing job👌👌👌👏👏👏. Her expertise and engaging approach created a dynamic learning environment, empowering participants to communicate more effectively. 💯I highly recommend her workshop for anyone looking to enhance their public speaking skills. Ms Zai thank you for an amazing experienced. May you impact more lives 🙏🙏🙏
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