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As the world continues its fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, we have a looming question: What if the next crisis is a mental health pandemic?

Humanity is experiencing increased anger, sadness and worry – alongside relatively low wellbeing.

This poses a challenge for organizations and leaders, but the good news is that organizations and schools can make a difference in employers’ & students’ wellbeing. Let’s step up to address this and overcome these challenges so we can improve the situation.


Developing courses in line with your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We organize sessions to involve employees to interact and participate alongside the chosen beneficiaries to enhance employees’ wellbeing and appreciation for life & to encourage a culture of resilient confident compassionate team.

Community Solutions Program for your  CSR initiatives

Zai Miztiq is a Singaporean-born celebrity author, global speaker, coach, model and award-winning entrepreneur journeying since 1981.

Backed with the studies in International Business, Human Resource Management, Psychotherapy and Counselling coupled with 20 years of entrepreneurial experience and 40 years of living and travelling across 37 countries and 70 states, she is passionate about the human race and humanity, Zai’s core belief is that, “A life well lived is not a privilege, it is a right we all deserve”. 

Her social mission is to support communities around the world to eradicate poverty of mind-set, and alleviate poverty of pockets by helping people turn their pain into power, and turn their passion into profit.


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