Transformational Women's Retreat


As the world continues its fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, we have a looming question: What if the next crisis is a mental health pandemic?

Humanity is experiencing increased anger, sadness and worry – alongside relatively low wellbeing.

This poses a challenge for organizations and leaders, but the good news is that organizations and schools can make a difference in employers’ & students’ wellbeing. Let’s step up to address this and overcome these challenges so we can improve the situation.


    Participants will be guided to find their true self, and gain motivation to transform their pain into power and turn their passion into their profession with a purpose with our signature ‘3D system’ to cultivate a wholesome well-being.

    • Maintain personal presentation and employability.  
    • Make better decisions that align with the organization’s goals and industry standards.    
    • Provide leadership across the organization. 
    • Identify your vision, values,  beliefs and purpose and align it with your organization’s vision, values, beliefs & culture.


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    Strengths Finder

    Write a book

    Resilience & Confidence Building

    Be a Public Speaker


    Communication Skills

    Turn a Hobby into Money

    Innovative Problem Solving

    Be an Effective Team Player

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