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As parents, there is no actual manual or guide to show you THE ONE right way to be the best parent in the world, or how to raise amazing children.

One thing we can do right is to manage our expectations, and increase our appreciation. We can nurture the nature of our child, but how about stepping back to walk through a journey of how our parents and ancestors have shaped the reality of what is the right way to parent.

Delivery Method
Keynote Speech | Training (online or offline)

Best suited/Catered for
Organization (corporate, school, association)

Recommended duration
Keynote speech – 1 hr to 1.5 hrs
Customizable Training Session

In this topic, we strive to enable our participants to: 

  1. move from feeling helpless, anxious and trapped to feeling liberated, optimistic and victorious
  2. identify the intense damage done and the urgent need for their inner-child healing 
  3. learn how to cultivate compassion and communication
  4. learn the art of gaining appreciation, respect and trust of their child 


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